Helping Hands: 

Provisions made for resources of goods, services or funds to ensure the essential things such as food, medicine, shelter or rent are available. By reaching out to those that are in short-term physical need and being able to fill that need, provides the opportunity to reach long-term self-sufficiency.

Financial Training:

To be able to achieve long-term self-sufficiency, financial education and training is one of the keys; Compassion provides a Financial Training Facilitator to provide a financial education training course such as the Dave Ramsey Financial Peace University to be able to reach financial goals.

Spiritual Counseling:

Compassion is a charity with a Christian evangelistic focus; by providing an understanding of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Compassion’s Chaplain is able to answer spiritual questions and introduce the Biblical concept of Jesus as a personal saviour; providing an opportunity to consider and ultimately choose their spiritual future.


Our Partners:

Family Promise Las Vegas


Dave Ramsey Financial Peace University


Other Community Resources:

Salvation Army




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