Lord, Turn on the Air Conditioner

Published June 15, 2013

As many of you know I live in the desert. It was my choice. Some would say a poor choice! And if I am honest, sometimes I question that choice, especially when our summer time heat arrives. And, man oh man has it arrived!! Three consecutive days of triple digit weather, 108 – 110 – 113, in this desert I call home. But I love the desert! It is a love affair that started over thirty-five years ago. It is a love affair that some would say is a strange love affair. Part of this love affair I have with the desert, is the reminders I see of God’s grace and provision.

Grace and provision of the desert!!!?? – What in the world am I talking about? Has the boiling summer sun, fried and impaired my brain? Maybe in some areas, I will admit too, but in the area of understanding his grace and provision in my life, I will not budge on!

The harshness of the summertime desert when compared to the pleasant prolonged days of fall, winter, and spring is a reminder of his grace and provision for my eternal soul. The harshness and unpleasantness of this temporary heat is a reminder that the unpleasantness, hard and difficult times I face in this mortal body, is just temporary.

The temporary heat of this desert is an awesome, personal reminder, of the eternal heat and torment of hell as described in His scripture (Luke 16:19-31, Rev.20:7-15).

The prolonged days of the cool season is a reminder of His grace and provision also. His grace, the provision of His sons shed blood, purchased my release from the penalty and punishment of hell.  The prolonged days of the cool season, is a reminder of my future, eternal life. Days without end that will be full of the pleasant and wonderful description of heaven (Rev 21, 22:1-17).

The hot desert days also gives me daily reminders of His grace and provision for His creation, both human and animal.

The human, in the provision of knowledge on how to design, create, and build all things that help us remain comfortable in our environments of wind, heat, and cold. One of my favorite inventions is of course, the air conditioner. It allows me to stay comfortable in this harsh environment of the summertime desert.

For the animals, I see the constant reminders of His provision for them too. Whether it be the sparse but adequate covering of a desert bush or rock overhang in the desert. In the desert city environment there is even more provision in the abundance of water found around the irrigation systems and lush green plants that provide an even greater provision of cover and sustenance.

Daily I am reminded of His grace and promised provision (Luke 12: 22-28)!

My love affair with the desert will endure, of this I am sure. But God, please turn on the air conditioner!


Thank you, Father, for the grace and provision of your son’s shed blood!

Thank you, Jesus, for the shedding of your blood, for your death that paid the price for my penalty of sin!

Thank you, Holy Spirit, for your power that broke the chain of death!

Thank you, God, for the resurrected body of Jesus Christ, (John 11:25)!


Praying for His Grace and Provision in your lives,


Rev. David Larsen

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