Very Broken

Published June 6, 2013

As Christians we sometimes become jaded, disappointed, and overwhelmed, with what we perceive as a lack of progress, in broken and bankrupt lives being repaired. It is often tempting to just, “throw in the towel,” and say there is nothing else we can do.

I know I am guilty of this! So, I thank God for the timely reminders and checks of my attitude. One such reminder I was recently given hit right at the heart of the matter.   As an ordained minister serving as Chaplain for Compassion Nevada, I am often asked to help, assist, and counsel with individuals with very broken lives. In sharing how frustrated and disappointed I was in my perceived lack of progress in lives being changed, I was reminded that, very broken lives need very special love, attention, and patience! I praise God for this kind, Godly, wisdom given to me.

However, what really cut to the ‘quick’ of my heart and my soul was the gentle but firm reminder from the Holy Spirit, that I too, once, was very broken. And although, no longer very broken, I am still broken, and need the glue of Christ’s love, mercy, and grace every day of my life!

Thank you, Jesus, for your precious, precious blood that repaired my very broken live. Thank you, Jesus for filling the cracks which continue to develop in my life, with your glue of love. It is this special glue that keeps me from ever becoming very broken again!

My prayer: When your frustration, hurts, and disappointments make you want to “throw in the towel,” when there seems to be no improvement helping others, remember this;

God did not “throw in the towel.”

He gave us, his life!


Rev. David Larsen

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