Is It Cancer?

Published April 29, 2013

I have a history of skin cancer. Every few years a suspicious spot or discoloration will appear on my face or body. With three positive identifications of cancer, and their successful removal by the skin cancer doctors, I am now pretty confident in my own diagnosis when another suspicious spot develops. However, the only way to be absolutely sure, is to have a portion of the spot excised and examined under a microscope by the cancer specialists. Only then can the severity of the cancer be diagnosed and the proper course of treatment is subscribed.

This is such a perfect analogy for sin in our lives. We cleanse and rid our lives of sin, through repentance, and the washing away of sin, with the precious blood of Jesus Christ.

All seems well for a period of time. Then the cancer of sin once again appears in our lives. We either see it ourselves first, or someone will have the courage to point out the cancer, that we cannot see with our own eyes.

Either way, once the cancer of sin is diagnosed, then it immediately needs to be removed. Otherwise it continues to grow and spread, and before you know it, the potential for great harm and devastation is there.

This cancer must be taken to the greatest specialist there is. That specialist is Jesus Christ! Once the cancer of sin is placed under his blood, then the removal of that sin is accomplished. Only the blood of Jesus Christ will excise, remove, and cleanse the cancer of sin from our lives!

Thank you, Jesus, for your healing, cleansing blood!


Rev. David Larsen


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