Published April 21, 2013

This poem by Jeff Bidiman captures some of the passion I have for sunrises. I trust you will be blessed by it!

by Jeff Bidiman

Today I saw the sun arise
Quietly from its starry bed,
And in that inspiring moment,
It aroused my somnolent head.

I gazed amazed at God’s creation.
Mesmerized by the stunning view:
The dazzling red, the glowing gold,
The bright brilliance of the blue.

The dew on the grass glittered like
Gems to these enchanted eyes.
The birds took wing for dawn’s first flight
Upon hearing the trees soft sighs.

The drowsy stars and moon slipped home
To recline in their cloudy bed.
Then, there in the warm, sweet sunrise,
All my dubious doubts had fled.

For this is a day God’s given me,
And I shall live it without fear.
Warmed by the comfort of The Son,
And by knowing that He is near.

Genesis 1:16

Amplified Bible (AMP)

16 And God made the two great lights—the greater light (the sun) to rule the day…..

Be Blessed!



Rev. David Larsen

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