The Lords Day

Published March 2, 2013

The majority of Christian churches have established Sunday as the “Lords Day.” There is also a minority of churches, denominational and non denominational, who reserve Saturday as the “Lords Day.” Whether it is Saturday or Sunday, these are the two main days set aside for Christian congregations to meet as a community of believers. As a community they are able to worship and praise God, listen to, and be fed by the preaching and teaching of His word, by their respective clergy.

Sadly, for many this is where the worship and learning of God’s word ends. This is the only day set aside for the “Lords Day.”

Our Lord deserves so much more than this.  God desires that every day is the “Lords Day.” He does not require the formal setting of the church sanctuary on an everyday basis. However, God deserves and should receive worship, praise, and honor every day from our hearts and our lips. We should make every day the “Lords Day” in personal prayer and thanksgiving, learning more of Him, with our reading and study of the Bible. We must become disciplined in making a time and place in our busy schedules to say, “Lord this is your day too, this is your time, and I want nothing more than to say I love you and I adore you! Thank you for being in my life.”

Christian, if you are not yet in the habit of making every day the “Lords Day”, then begin today to make every day His day.

Every day is the “Lords Day!”


Rev. David Larsen – (Chaplain Compassion Nevada)

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