Finding Hope in God’s Word

Published February 11, 2013

I recently received a great birthday gift. It was given to me by youngest daughter.  She knew I would appreciate the binding and cover. She knows I love books that have an old look to them. This particular book has a cover that resembles the look of old leather and it has been embossed with a beautiful design of scroll work on the front and back covers as well as the binding.

She also knows that I love the writings of the great evangelist Billy Graham who authored this beautifully bound book. But as much as I enjoy the look and feel of this book I love the title even more. It is titled ‘HOPE for each Day’ and is a compilation of morning and evening devotionals.

This title perfectly addresses a great void in today’s world. Hope for each day, is exactly what the world is so desperately searching for.

Christians, when we are asked by the world from where and what we derive our hope from, I trust you are quick to respond, my hope is found in God’s love. The world does not understand nor does it truly comprehend the love God has for the world. In his preface to Hope for each day, Billy Graham states, “every day I turn to the Bible to give me strength and wisdom for the day and hope for the future. Its words have seen me through the good times and the bad – through times of happiness and grief, health and sickness, victory and disappointment. God’s word can do the same for you.”

At the conclusion of his preface, Billy asks that we live more fully for Christ each day and to trust His great love – no matter what comes our way. To this, I say, Amen!

Praise God for the hope we have in His great love,


Rev. David Larsen – (Chaplain Compassion Nevada)

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