Divine Wisdom

Published January 9, 2013

Proverbs 3:19-20

New Century Version (NCV)

19 The Lord made the earth, using his wisdom.
He set the sky in place, using his understanding.
20 With his knowledge, he made springs flow into rivers
and the clouds drop rain on the earth.

Sunrise and sunsets, two elements of God’s creation that never cease to amaze me. I am always overwhelmed when I witness the indescribable hues and shades of God’s color palate. It has often been said that no two snowflakes are alike. I will also argue there has never been or ever will be a sunrise or a sunset that are the same.

For almost sixty years now, I have had a love affair with the rising and setting of the sun. I have lived in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado and saw the sun rise and fall over those monumental edifices. I have traveled from coast to coast in my beautiful country of the U.S.A. watching the sun rise and fall over her majestic plains, rivers, and lakes. I have seen the sun rise and the sun set over the Atlantic, Pacific, and Caribbean oceans.

Perhaps that is why I have such a love for the desert.

For thirty-six years now, I have lived in the desert. For me, this is it! I have never been able to look at another sunrise or sunset outside the desert without prejudice. The times I have cried with tears running down my cheeks, or gasped with sheer joy and delight over the magnitude of colors displayed across the sky I can not count. I rarely thought twice about the amount of extra sleep or the breakfast I could have had if I did not arrive at the work site early enough  to see the sun come up. It was a small sacrifice to pay! It energized me. It blessed me!

And when I think about how the balance of this beautiful planet is maintained, it is beyond my comprehension. We are now in the middle of our deserts cold season and it is remarkable how drastic the change in temperature is from our extremely hot summers. And as I understand science it all depends on the changing axis and angle of earth to sun. Even a small change out of the ordinary would have a drastic effect on the environment of this earth. It would either become to cold or so unbearably hot life as we know it could not be sustained. That is why I so love Proverb 3:19-20. I thought it perfect as the scriptural foundation for this conversation. I trust in the wisdom of God and his understanding of how the earth was made and the sky was set in place. I thank God for his knowledge that makes the springs flow into the rivers and the clouds drop rain on the earth.

For a greater understanding of God’s wisdom, understanding, and knowledge I encourage and challenge you to read chapters thirty-eight and thirty-nine in the book of Job. You will not be disappointed!

I pray for His Divine Wisdom in your lives,


Rev. David Larsen (Chaplain Compassion Nevada)

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