Exhortations, Warnings, and Benefits

Published January 8, 2013

In Proverbs chapter one, beginning with verse eight, we are given the exhortation to embrace wisdom. In the remainder of the chapter we are also taught the fate of those who reject wisdom.

Chapter two teaches us the moral benefits of wisdom. It lays out a vast number of benefits for those who cry out for and accept the wisdom of God’s word and commands. We are taught we will  understand the fear of the Lord. We also will discover and understand the wisdom and knowledge of God. We are also warned of the negative consequences if we to not accept or apply these principles to our lives.

Chapter three gives us the promise of many more benefits given by accepting God’s wisdom.

Cause and effect, trust = blessings (Proverbs 3:1-10…)

Chapter four describes the supremacy of wisdom in our lives. Wisdom should be sought after, no matter the cost. (Pr. 4:7)

Chapters five through seven warn us about the folly of pursuing an adulteress life style. These two chapters are also full of cause and effect teaching.

In chapter eight wisdom itself cries out too be heard. Wisdom takes on the character of man crying out to man. Wisdom desperately wants too be found and accepted by man. (Pr. 8:1-4, 35-36)

Chapter nine is a contrast between the invitation of wisdom and folly. The comparison of wisdom to folly is brought out in great detail. This chapter serves as a transition to chapters ten through twenty-eight which are commonly referred to as the Proverbs of Solomon. Within these chapters are found the majority of “wise” sayings and should be read, studied, reflected upon, and applied to everyday life! These are considered the nuts and bolts in the building and maintaining of a good and upright character.

Chapters twenty-nine through thirty-one although authored by different individuals should not me missed or over looked. They also contain valuable wisdom and knowledge that too will help bring self-improvement to your life.

Are you tired of the old year and your old life? Then I encourage you to begin a new year and a new life by inviting God and his perfect wisdom into your life. Talk to him every day in prayer. Read and study all of God’s word. But for immediate change, discipline yourself to the reading of Proverbs every day. There is a nugget of wisdom to be found every day. And when properly applied everyday, that nugget will bring good and positive change to your life.

Without change nothing becomes new!

Be encouraged with change,


Rev. David Larsen (Chaplain Compassion Nevada)

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