The Library Is Full

Published December 28, 2012

Resources and helps to achieve a better New Year, year after year are plentiful and easy to obtain. The world offers self-help books, videos, retreats and numerous other items to help achieve the better, perfect year. More than you ever thought was possible.

Let me suggest some alternative resources.

If you are not yet a reader of the Bible then become one. Nothing can compare or compete with the Bible as the first and best resource. This is still the best “how to improve yourself ” book ever to be written.  In today’s world of computers, smart phones, iPods, and electronic tablets it is easier than ever to read. There are many free downloadable Bibles in almost every language. Many are available in audio form as well. Personally for me, I still prefer the feel, touch, and smell of a bound printed Bible. There is something unique and special about holding God’s word in my hands.

Next I would suggest establishing the habit of reading or listening too a Daily Devotional or Word for the Day. They also are easily accessible electronically and are readily available in print form too.

Web streaming and radio are a fantastic resource to hear the preaching and teaching of the Bible. You will gain great insight and discover critical points of application in life and relationships.

One resource that may seem strange is the reading and studying of the older Hymns. The theology and doctrines found within the old hymnals are a great source of learning. They also are a great source of comfort and rest when life becomes overwhelming. My collection of Hymn books has become one of my most cherished resources.

Habitual attendance of a local church or house of worship with the establishment of friendships and relationships is another important resource.

The last and perhaps most vital resource one should take advantage of is the resource of prayer. Start a conversation with God! Talk to Him everyday. Personalize it. He will open your mind, heart, soul, and spirit. He will show and teach you things beyond your wildest imaginations.

Then see your year improve, year after year!

This of course is not an inclusive list but should help in discovering a vast library of available resources.

Be blessed in the New Year!


Rev. David Larsen – (Chaplain Compassion Nevada)

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