The Power of Encouragement

Published December 10, 2012

ENCOURAGEMENT; what power there is in this word! If applied generously it can and will change the life and character of all.

It should be a daily and often used practice.

It is something everyone needs in their lives.

Encourage a person and they become more courageous, their spirits are lifted, they are given a sense of renewed confidence. Their sense of purpose is revitalized, and made stronger. They become happier, joyful, and more excited about their lives!

Withhold encouragement and just the opposite happens! One’s courage and resolve weakens and often totally disappears. Their spirits are weakened or totally broken. Their confidence is shaken and perhaps destroyed. Insecurities become more pronounced. Lack of purpose, sadness, depression, and lack of self-worth sets in!

You would miss the mark completely if you did not recognize people in both categories. Perhaps your life is like a rollercoaster. Up one day because someone encouraged you or down the next day because you did not receive the encouragement so desperately needed. I know my life is often this way!

I freely admit that I thrive on and cherish any encouragement in my life! Any encouraging word, gesture, or kindness makes me a stronger more confidant person.

It is because of the priceless value of encouragement in my life that I want to be a great encourager to others. It is my prayer, my hope, and my goal that for every encouragement I receive I too can bring encouragement to someone else.

Next blog I will share when and from whom I began to receive the most encouragement. My life was changed!!

Be Encouraged,


(Rev. David Larsen – Chaplain Compassion Nevada)

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