An Effective Tool

Published December 7, 2012

In my last post I emphasized the love I have for tools and how exciting it was for me to use this blog as a tool. In that context I hope that the qualities one looks for in a tool are obvious in my blogging.  A tool to be effective must have three basic qualities.  It must do what it is designed for, it must me friendly user, and it must have a renewable, continuous power source.

How do the majority of tools achieve these three qualities? Trial and error and input from those who actually use the tools are important. If this model is followed, then any tool can be adjusted and modified to meet the three basic qualities. I am confidant that by applying these principles this blog will indeed become a great tool.

The design phase will be fluid as input and feed back from those who visit our site starts coming in. The friendly user aspect I hope is already established, if not it too will be changed. As far as the power source, I am confidant that if I continue to use good resources, listen to good counsel, pray for and seek the power and guidance of His Holy Spirit there will always be a renewed and continuous power source.

In my next post I will share my role in and the importance of encouragement.

Until then, Dave

(Rev. David Larsen)

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