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Published December 5, 2012

Welcome to my Compassion Nevada blog!

Let me introduce myself; I am David (Dave) Larsen. Married for 36 years and have two adult daughters. I am an ordained and licensed minister serving as Chaplain for Compassion Nevada. I consider myself to be a “man of the cloth” who has a passion to serve and minister to those within a religious structure but more importantly for those who have no understanding or particular knowledge of the importance of God in their lives. You will discover more of whom I am and my background when I may feel compelled to share personal experiences, trials and victories from my life to bring a point, observation or solution to a particular subject or topic.

I trust you will find this blog site interesting and thought-provoking. I hope to bring an alternative source of insight, encouragement, and help in the challenges we face in everyday life. I will use many resources to accomplish this goal. The first and most important resource will be the Bible. This must be, since in my case, I do stand on the principal that the Bible is, has been, and always will be the perfect instruction and how too manual for ‘life’.  It has stood the test of time and is still one of the greatest selling books to this day. It also has become one of the greatest challenged and most criticized books which I hope will lead more people to “check it and this blog out”.

I will use acknowledged and accredited articles, quotes, books, publications, and authors both from the secular arena and the Christian arena. I will also include my own thoughts, perceptions, and insight into what I hope will be many diverse, thought-provoking, and challenging topics. Some topics may require a one time only comment, suggestion or thought, and there will be topics that will require a series of comments, thoughts, and suggestions. Also, I would love the challenge and opportunity to address any questions or answers sought by my audience.

I am humbled by the exciting and challenging opportunity I have to author and breathe life into this blog. With no formal education or instruction other than what I retained as a very bored and restless student so many years ago, I acknowledge that my proper writing and English skills may not be the most professional. However now that I have become older and perhaps a little wiser I promise to always do my best so that what I share may be worthy of the time and interest to those who give this blog their attention!

Thank you, Dave

(Rev. David Larsen)

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